6 Tips to Great BBQ

6 Tips to Great BBQ

Want to know my secrets to smoking great tasting meat?  Well here you go.  I'm going to share with you a few of the things that I have learned over the past 10 years of BBQ!.  
  1. Research and Learn:  A great way to learn is watching the hundreds of BBQ YouTube videos.  It's quick and easy.  I'm more of a visual learner than reading books.  
  2. Try and Try Again:  Go out and grab some meat and start cooking.  The only way you get better is to keep cooking.  I've made great BBQ and I've made bad BBQ.  But in each instance, I learned something from it.  
  3. Document:  Write down what you did on each cook.  The things you liked and didn't like.  How long and what temperature did you cook it at?  
  4. Meat Selection:  Select good meat!  You can do all the right things, but if you buy sub-par meat, you'll have sub-par results.  Nothing worse than putting in all that time, effort and money to end up with dry meat!  Always use meat with good fat content.  Fat is flavor!
  5. Know your Equipment:  Whether you're using a pellet smoker, gas grill or kettle grill, know how to use it and what it's capabilities are.  Smoking a pork butt on a kettle grill for 10 plus hours is going to take a lot of tending to and fire control.  If you're using a pellet grill, make sure you're set up with enough pellets for a 10 hours smoke.  Nothing worse than running out of fuel hours into a cook!  
  6. It's Done When It's Done!:  The #1 question I get is "How long do you cook .... "  Well my answer is, It's done when it's done.  You always cook meat to it's internal temperature.  Meat is unpredictable.  You can estimate how long something will take, but you have to go by it's internal temperature.  That's why you need to own a reliable meat thermometer.  I have tried many inexpensive brands when I started, but they all eventually failed in someway.  I finally purchased a ThermoWorks Smoke Greatest thermometer I have every used.   Very durable and accurate.  
These are just a few tips and I hope they're helpful.  If you have any questions or topics you'd like me to discuss, please reply to this email and ask.  I'll be launching YouTube help videos soon so head over to YouTube and "Like and Subscribe"!  


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