Customer Reviews

I had very high hopes for this @sheepdogbbq sauce and I have to say it's even better than I expected. Thanks, brother for the unbelievable sauce I'll be ordering in bulk soon.


I'm ready to attack the weekend with good #bbq and coffee! Shoutout to@sheepdogbbq for the delicious seasonings! 


@paulieepaull - Thrilled to have my Christmas-Pack order of @sheepdogbbqarrive. I am madly in love with this stuff. ?? @sheepdogbbq is a company ran by a law-enforcement officer, who truly cares about the satisfaction of his customers. -- the patch and t-shirt was a surprise gift he included in the bunch, and I love them too!  I already told @sheepdogbbq that I'll be gifting this Christmas-Pack to a roommate, so it will be around my kitchen, and I'll still be able to benefit from using it! 


Meal prepping for nightshift this week. Can't do it right without Sheepdog BBQ!


If you're not using Sheepdog BBQ then you are definitely missing out on some amazing flavor! Check them out today!