100% Hickory

100% Hickory

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100% Hickory Grilling Pellets from Lumber Jack

Lumber Jack hickory pellets are perhaps the most widely used pellet, and for good reason.  Our 100% hickory grilling pellets provide a unique smoke flavor and compliment almost any food you pair with them.  Made from 100% hickory wood, these pellets naturally enhance beef, pork, seafood, poultry, or wild game.

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If you’re new to the pellet grilling game, hickory pellets are an excellent starting point.  They’re versatile and the perfect complement to use in your pellet grill or smoker.  If you’re unsure of what flavor to use in your grill or smoker, hickory pellets are always a safe and savory choice that will impress both you and your guests.

100% Hickory, 100% of the Time